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metro rainbow taipei , 2018
performance piece, photo documentation by Sean Wang Gaffney
photos from top left to bottom right: empty train at dingpu station, first model at dingpu station, models on the metro passing zhongxiao fuxing, closeup of purple model 1, closeup of orange model 2, coincidental passenger matching after zhongxiao fuxing, monochrome passerby at yongchun station, purple 1 and yellow 1 at yongchun station, purple 1 and yellow 1 at yongchun station from above, purple 1 and blue 1 at yongchun station, stopped by police for causing "disturbance" on the train and photographing/filming without a permit, police discussion at yongchun station, regroup at yongchun station, orange 1 and indigo 2 seated in car, yellow 1 and yellow 2 standing, greens on the escalator at ximen station, purples on the escalator at ximen station, orange 2 on the street in ximen, huddle in ximen station, models, videographer, and photographers walking at ximen station

metro rainbow taipei 16 LGBT models in monochrome rode the Taipei Metro (MRT) from one end of the Bannan (Blue) Line to the other, each color gets on at their corresponding line intersection (eg, a person dressed all in green gets on at Ximen station, Green and Blue line.) This event both celebrated the anniversary of the marriage equality ruling and protested the stalled legislation that would implement it. No legislation was pushed through until 2019.

reference map of taipei subway lines