2015, series of four collaborative performance-games, generated and documented simultaneously

sample script:

please, everyone, be quiet
we are in the library
this is the land of silence
at least. this is what we tell you...
for who is silent who is reading a book?
you know, reading... thinking... you ever think about reading?? you ever think about thinking??
you know that thinking is one of the loudest things you can do.
almost louder than speaking, it seems like.
the reader who sits silent in their chair is screaming infinite worlds.
i am going to have to explain myself, one of these days.
but today is not that day.
no, today is not the day that text becomes self-evident.
today is a day of seeking. a day of fishing. a day of reading.
we are in the neverending library. here, text is neverending. signs are neverending. messages... are infinite. infinite in body. infinite in potential.
we affirm that nonsense is nothing but an outgrowth of sense. like a root become too dense to discern. noise lies always at the limit of the signal, always waiting to manifest beyond the veil of feedback.
i breathe information. my body is a conduit. it matters not to me if a book is small, large, or if all its pages are blank. on a blank page i see dust, i see scratches. on a blank page i see all the words that could ever possibly fill its space. as if every surface was already a palimpsest, some dense anthology of the eternal.
how do we navigate this world of infinite potential? how do we open up some space within the tangled knot of the All?

sample poem, genesis
in the field and gave the moc, the egyptian after the land beam a furl and gen fallen and joseph live and isaac is cattle
therefore the gave of the field
and by the ord gave there decried the damsel with his servant
and the man sang his daughter and the god divided himself and lakshmi will provide a board overheard
and she above latsing of the years and of morning er rise walk before the sore and ede of behtel the water as swag the water and her and mighty god created the woman who will rise after the man siz in the names to josephs code and it became to his brethren and it was taken venison and he not seventeen and men to serve, 23 and tewo mothing will serve my song ang the mans and the name to the presence and hundred ubits and i HAVE ALL THE WE RODE UPN WHIS FATHER
the same it one
and my fathers
and the children will be cleared frm judah
he removed that

neverendinglibrarydance neverendinglibrarydance2 neverendinglibrarydance3
We want to play, we want to hop-- to skip--- but the library organizes bodies, orients forms, arranges our thinking. The library feels both empty and full. there is a little text, some poems, stories, anthologies, reference books, but infinite alignments, thoughts in motion. How do you navigate a sea of information? You must learn to swim.
We open the dictionary. The dictionary is a 48 card deck. We wrestle with the mutability of definitions.
the mystery, the page turning, heart-beating, translating---- transcribing
We make a multiplicity of definitions
multi-lingual, multi-player---
is a library game
you are players
look up an affect, please,
and we will do our best to un define it


this is not a silent library. there is no silent library.
every library is loud with sneezes, coughs, whistles, flirts, gentle whispers and scuffs and snores
are you dreaming? is this library awake?
this is a song. the song reconfigures the relationship between signal and noise. noisy mixed signals, filling dreams, filling the library..... are you tired?
listen to the library lullaby and let it lull, see what you might be hearing in your dreams.


audience recorded transcription